Animal Care in Southern California

70498924The Joy In My Heart Foundation, Inc. is an all breed Foster based animal rescue that provides animal care for dogs and cats whose owners are suffering from unexpected illness or terminal disease. Our nonprofit organization will work to place your four-legged family members in a loving home, while providing you assurance that “the joy in your heart” will not be left to die alone of a broken heart. We will be working with shelters to rescue dogs or cats who have been surrendered based on a death in the family. All animals will be vetted by a qualified, licensed veterinarian before being placed in a loving home.

How We Help You

The services we provide in the Southern California area ensure that your beloved friend will find a stable family home. They will be placed in a loving foster home until a forever home can be found.

As we grow, our foundation will be reaching out to work with senior facilities and hospice organizations to save animals and help them find places to live as soon as possible so they are able to get acclimated to their new surroundings.

How We Got Started

Our organization was established in 2013 in order to carry on the memory of the founder’s mother, Joy, who truly loved animals. Our foundation hopes to rescue dogs and cats from those who are no longer capable of attending to them, or no longer able to house them.

Our goal for the dogs and cats that we rescue is to find them safe and happy homes where they may find peace.




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